Friday, April 18, 2008

Google in bed with Scientology?

Watch out Google Investors!
Quality ads, are you kidding?
It seems that Google has climbed in bed with Scientology.
First with their AdSense promoting Scientology advertisements all over the web, which has angered many people all over the Internet, and secondly it seems that their You Tube system is very vulnerable and mismanaged. People are able to flag videos that have not violated the Terms of Service agreement and accounts are suspended without prior scrutiny or notification to the account holder. The most recent demonstration of this is now making its way around the Internet. The accounts of two very prominent critics of Scientology were closed due to this glitch in their system. This has angered many Free Speech advocates across the globe. There are far more people opposed to this type of censorship than there are Scientology members.

Although as of this Friday 4/18/08 Google is enjoying a much needed glimmer of hope on the market, I predict the backlash to Google’s shortsightedness and inadequacies could be devastating to their stocks on the volatile market.

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